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What is the Nature Process?


The NatureProcess® is a simple way of deepening your connection to nature by being in the body and experiencing nature through the senses.


Why would you want to connect to nature through your senses?


The NatureProcess is based on the concept of “ecopsychology”, the relationship between humans and nature.  Its teachings show participants how to tap into the 67 scientifically researched benefits to spending time in nature – benefits that enhance your mental processes, physical health, social and spiritual well-being, and so much more.


The five principles of The NatureProcess are:

  • Natural Presence: Step into a deeper experience of the natural world as you become aware of your multiple senses.

  • Natural Body: Connect to the wisdom of the body.

  • Natural Attractions: Let go of stories and beliefs you have about life and learn to think like Nature and as a part of Nature.

  • Natural Communication: Experience and understand the non-verbal language of Nature.

  • Natural Release: Feel yourself as a part of a greater whole, and use your sensory connections to return to a state of balance and well-being.


To schedule a session please call Beverly at 913-553-0962 or Email Beverly today!


The NatureProcess® is a registered trademark of  EarthSelf and is used under license.
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