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The following services are customized for you. To schedule a session please call Beverly at 913-553-0962 or Email Beverly today!


Energy Balance: $75 (approx. 60 min.)

Customized Session: $90 (60-90 min.)


Distance Session: with phone or email follow up $65 (approx. 60 min.)



Custom Private Individual Session: $60 (approx. 45 min.)

Group session: $100 up to 10 people (approx. 45 min)



Private Energy Session and Customized Meditation (1.5 hours): $130

Private 30-minute Energy Balance and Customized Meditation (1 hour): $110


Custom Curated Events

For groups of 10+ participants, Corporate Groups, Private Retreats or Events and Offsite Meditation or Energy Sessions contact beverly@windingrootenergy or 913-553-0962 for details and pricing.

*Pricing is subject to change without notice

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