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What to Expect from an Energy Healing Session:


During the session you will enjoy a quiet, relaxing experience with candlelight and soothing music, while lying, fully clothed, on the massage table. The only thing on your agenda is to close your eyes and relax. 


While this is not a massage, I may rest my hands on you during the session as part of the techniques that I use to balance your energy. However, if you are uncomfortable with that, I can simply work without contact. Once this part of the session is complete, you will have some time to collect yourself, much like waking up or coming out of a deep meditation.


We complete each session by discussing your experience or any questions that you may have.


  • Every session will be a unique experience

  • Clients typically comment that their sessions are very comforting, and relaxing and they feel less stressed afterward

  • You may have relief from pain or physical symptoms or side effects to medications or treatments

  • You may release or receive clarity around emotional issues or patterns.

  • It is important to understand that each session is serving a purpose to your healing journey.

  • Imagine clearing a dam out of a creek bed. Once the water can flow freely, over time the earth and life beyond the removed blockage will thrive. 

  • Each session is the beginning to your healing process, which continues after you leave

  • A couple of weeks between sessions is suggested to allow the healing process to occur.

"The flow of energy in my core improved with each visit, building during the session and into the next day following therapy.  I recommend that  anyone with complex injuries schedules an appointment”

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